The Seven Seals

The Seven Energetic Seals

The planetary energy centers of the body

Understanding the Seven Seal Theory

The Alchemical understanding of the seven “Seals of the Planets” or “Furnaces of the Soul” can be compared to the Chakra System in Eastern traditions. However, in Alchemy we work with three levels of energy on which each of these energetic seals or chakras can be influenced: Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo. The aim of practical alchemy is to reach the highest level of vibrancy (Rubedo), which is linked to a profound development of personality and consciousness. As such, personality vices can be transmuted into virtues.

The life-giving energy flow upwards along channels in our bodies. These channels are referred to as the Nadis in Eastern traditions – meaning energy nerves. The Nadis intertwine along a core running in front of the spine – in Eastern tradition called the Shushumna. The seven Seals/Chakras are located along the Shushumna where the right and left Nadis intersect.
A visualization of this understanding can be found in the Alchemical symbol of the Caduceus, which features two snakes winding around a winged staff. A symbol still used today representing the field of medicine. Although, it seems modern medicine has forgotten its original meaning.

In my personal opinion, the tradition of yoga, the Chakra and Ayurvedic system are simply just Eastern versions of Alchemy.  

The Caduceus Symbol

The Life Force - The Prana

What is unique about both the Seal and the Chakra understanding of the body is the idea that we are vibrational spiritual beings having a physical human experience, rather than the other way around. It is the idea that there is an energetic life force – Prana / Chi / Kundalini – which flows through the human body, passing the individual seven Seal/Chakra points. Each point represents and governs a certain area of the body, as well as the human experience on a mental and spiritual level – the microcosm of the human body.

Each Seal/Chakra is a spinning vortex of energy, which forms a dimensional gateway through which consciousness enters the light body. If the Seal/Chakra stops spinning the aspect of consciousness associated with it will be out of balance or blocked.

Working with the Seven Seals

The work starts with the body and the breath. This is where the symptoms of the imbalances can be observed and detected. As your understanding and connection to the body and the breath grows, you become able to listen to the more subtle signals within. So to find true healing and the true inner self, you must look at the body/mind/spirit complex as a whole. 

Working with yoga, meditation, pranayamas, mantras, light treatments, sound healing, rituals and other tools, the aim is to harmonize and clear the Seals and thereby ensure a free spinning flow of life force through the body, and thus the mind and spirit as well. Ultimately heightening the vibrational level of the entire being. Assisting the body/mind/spirit complex in its powerful self healing abilities and ultimately the spiritual path to ascension.

The knowledge of this system, is one of the most important tools in understanding the connection between what goes on in the mind and spirit, even the subconscious, and how this is usually reflected in the physical body.

The seven Alchemical “Seals of the Planets” are as follows.

Saturn - The Seal of Grounding

The Density of the Elements

Chakra:  Root – Muladhara
Color:  Red
Element:  Earth
Frequency:  396 Hz
Gland:  Adrenal (Stress hormone production)

General areas of influence:
• grounding & stability
• survival & basic needs
• physical health & embodiment
• trust, safety & security
• determination & strength 

Symptoms of imbalance:
• eating disorders – obesity or underweight
• fear, anxiety & depression
• restless, lazy & disorganized
• anger, annoyance & aggression
• hording, greed & materialism

• physical activity using the body
• sports, yoga, tai chi, dance, martial arts, etc
• human touch, contact & massage
• grounding  & hip-opening exercises
• being in & connecting with nature

Jupiter - The Seal of Emotion

The Density of Organic Life

Chakra:  Sacral – Svadhisthana
Color:  Orange
Frequency:  417 Hz
Element:  Water
Gland:  Gonad (Reproductive cell production)

General areas of influence:
• intimacy & emotions
• desire & passion
• identity & self confidence
• creativity
• sensuality & sexuality

Symptoms of imbalance:
• addiction, obsessiveness & attachment
• mental rigidity & inflexibility
• poor social skills & self sabotage
• dependency, guilt or inhibition
• emotional & sexual instability

• creative activities of self expression
• being by or swimming in natural waters
• taking a meditative bath or shower
• express your emotions to others
• become mindful of your emotional triggers

Mars - The Seal of Vitality

The Density of Self-Awareness

Chakra:  Navel – Manipura
Color:  Yellow
Frequency:  528 Hz
Element:  Fire
Gland:  Pancreas (Insulin & glucagon production)

General areas of influence:
• courage & willpower
• enthusiasm about life
• energy & vitality
• self love & acceptance
• strength & individuality

Symptoms of imbalance:
• passive, indecisive & victimized
• lack of decision making & action
• extreme doubt & mistrust
• demanding & dominating
• excessive perfectionism & criticism

• being in the sun & sun gazing
• sitting by a camp fire or fireplace
• meditating on a candle flame
• listening to your “gut feeling”
• engage in setting goals & work towards them

Venus - The Seal of Love

The Density of Love & Understanding

Chakra:  Heart – Anahata
Color:  Green
Frequency:  639 Hz
Element:  Air
Gland:  Thymus (T-cells for immune system)

General areas of influence:
• love, kindness & affection 
• empathy, compassion & forgiveness
• positivity, joy & happiness
• peace, balance & harmony
• capacity to be vulnerable & in solitude 

Symptoms of imbalance:
• loneliness & isolation
• jealousy, clinginess & self pity
• feeling unloved, unworthy & unappreciated
• difficulty in trusting & letting go
• negativity, over critical & judgemental

• breathing exercises
• forgiveness rituals
• being in nature, feeling the breeze & seeing the green
• heart opening yoga postures
• practicing self-care & laughter

Mercury - The Seal of Truth

The Density of Light & Sound

Chakra:  Throat – Vishuddha
Color:  Blue
Frequency:  741 Hz
Element:  Ether & Sound
Gland:  Thyroid (Metabolic rate & protein synthesis)

General areas of influence:
• self expression & speech
• ability to communicate with others
• capacity to speak & hear the truth
• creative expressions of the higher self
• feeling freedom

Symptoms of imbalance:
• feeling misinterpreted & misunderstood
• overly introverted/sky or extroverted/dominating
• being flaky, gossipy & unreliable
• difficulty being honest with yourself
• overly opinionated & lack of ability to listen

• staying honest with yourself & others
• express your truth – dare to be who you truly are
• singing & mantras
• being self assertive
• screaming & laughing catharsis

The Moon - The Seal of Wisdom

The Density of Consciousness

Chakra:  Third Eye – Ajna
Color:  Purple / Indigo
Frequency:  852 Hz
Element:  Light
Gland:  Pituitary (Growth, blood pressure & hormones) 

General areas of influence:
• intuition & discernment
• perception & insight
• ideas, dreams & imagination
• higher realms of consciousness 
• ability for self-reflection

Symptoms of imbalance:
• relying on outer authorities
• easily confused & manipulated
• lack of empathy & common sense
• poor concentration, memory & imagination
• over-intellectual or delusional

• drawing, painting & artistic expression
• dream work & visualization
• explore your subconscious limiting beliefs
• pay attention to your dreams
• star & moon gazing

The Sun - The Seal of Unity

The Gateway Density

Chakra:  Crown – Sahasrara
Color:  White / Violet
Frequency:  963 Hz
Element:  Inner Light / Thought
Gland:  Pineal (Melatonin production)

General areas of influence:
• wisdom & expanded awareness
• understanding your true nature
• finding deeper meaning in life
• your connection to the divine
• spiritual development

Symptoms of imbalance:
• mindlessly rigid belief systems
• spiritual denial or spiritual addiction
• dissociation from the body & the self
• apathy & lack of purpose
• arrogance & narrow mindedness

• commit yourself to your spiritual practice
• explore plant medicines & energy work
• practice the power of prayer 
• yoga inversions & forward folds
• decalcify your pineal gland

On a Final Note

Other versions of understanding exist of the seven “Seals of the Planets”. For example, the illustration of Paracelsus (1493 – 1541), who placed the planetary seals in a completely different order throughout the human body. However, what I have presented here is what resonates with me and what I have found to be effective in my personal experience.  

In regards to The Pineal Gland there is a difference between the Alchemical Seal and the Eastern Chakra system. In Eastern tradition the pineal gland is associated with the Third Eye Chakra, whereas in Alchemy it is associated with the highest level of vibrancy of the Crown Chakra. The pineal gland is referred to as the Brain Seat in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, and René Descartes called it the “principal seat of the soul.” It is our connection to the higher realms above.

Further Your Understanding

One of the central ideas in alchemy is that no transformation is complete nor lasting unless it occurs simultaneously on all levels of reality—the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. This is also reflected in the three energetic levels of understanding to each of the “Seals of the Planets”.
Learn about The Three Phases of Alchemy and how to move through each of them in your personal journey.

The Seals/Chakras & Creativity

The use of mandalas as a tool in spiritual development is found in many Eastern traditions. The mandala is a creative way to work with balance of the mind – particularly the subconscious mind through symmetry and sacred geometry. Similarly, the Alchemists use creativity as a tool to transform the inner energetic complexity into a more synergistic and balanced whole. 
It can be a powerful tool, especially working with stress relief, depression or heightened frequency. 
See more Mandala inspired art by SheeArt.