Spiritual & Mental Alchemy

Life is a cycle, you got to know how to get around

Who is Alchemy for?

Alchemy is not a religion – it is a spiritual practice. It is a secret science of illumination and inner liberation, with a focus on transformation and change.
This page is dedicated to anyone who:

• is on a journey of self-realization
• wants to connect with their body
• wants to connect with their inner being – the Soul
• looks for balance in their life
• looks for natural ways of healing
• searches for understanding of sacred geometry
• searches for understanding of alchemy
• seeks for their spiritual path
• seeks ancient hidden knowledge

A Brief Introduction to Alchemy

The tradition and practice of Alchemy has for long been operating in the shadows of occult societies of initiation. However, the teachings and knowledge are available to anyone who seeks. As stated in The Kybalion; “The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding”. This means, you must ask questions, seek knowledge and keep your mind and heart open on your quest for the deeper knowledge.
As such, Spiritual Alchemy is the teachings of the purification and transmutation process of the body, mind/soul & spirit complex. The core of the ancient knowledge is based on the The Emerald Tablet of Hermes, The Kybalion and The Emerald Tablets of Thoth.

Alchemical Symbolism

Alchemists use a rich symbology, which include elemental, planetary and mineral symbolism. In fact, the traditions of astrology, magic, tarot and many pagan rituals stem from the teachings of Alchemy.
One of the principal themes of symbolism in Alchemy is the union of opposites. This is expressed in many ways throughout the chemical as well as visual art. Such figures as The Elements, The Three Primes, The Seven Planets, the Twin Dragons and the Ouroboros (the great serpent of the universe eating its own tail) are widely used symbols in Alchemy.
In addition, the masculine principle is linked to the sun, gold and sulfur. While the feminine principle is considered lunar, and linked to silver and mercury

The Twin Dragons of Alchemy
The Ouroboros of Alchemy

A Common Misconception

It was primarily the use of mineral symbolism, which created the idea that Alchemy is entirely concerned with chemical operations – like turning lead into gold. And although it is true that the alchemists did engage in chemical work, it was all in the attempt to shed light on the spiritual operations under the credo “As above, So Below”. This credo is the principle pillar of all chemical thought derived from The Universal Principle of Correspondence.
Thus for the most part, chemical Alchemy is a code for higher knowledge – the Mental & Spiritual Alchemy.
Similarly, the persecution of the Alchemists and their teachings during the dark ages promoted this tradition of camouflaging the spiritual knowledge as chemical operations. 

The Original Knowledge

Quite a lot in our modern society can be traced back to the tradition of Alchemy. As such, astrology became astronomy. Herbalism became modern medicine. In addition, the field of psychology has its roots in the tradition of Alchemy. The Alchemical lab work turned into the field of science. With the exception, that the Alcnemists knew that as a scientist conducting the experiment, your observation and energetic expectation will influence the outcome of the experiment. Which is why the Alchemists would meditate on their experiments. A knowledge that has completely been removed from the field of modern science, which only deals with two levels of our reality – the body and the mind. Completely, negating the spiritual component of the trinity.
In addition, the development of the distillation process can be dated back to Alchemy. As well as the tradition of Tarot card readings and other magic practices.

The Great Work

The process of Alchemy, also referred to as The Great Work, is divided into seven individual steps that operates on a trinity level.
This means, that for any lasting change to occur, the transmutation must occur on all three levels of existence. In the case of personal purification and transmutation the three levels are body, mind/soul & spirit.

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