SheeZone - Spiritual & Mental Alchemy


About Shee & Alchemy

A quest to find what has been forgotten


To provide spiritual information in the hopes of helping others in their quest of self development and to further their spiritual journey.


To enhance society by taking part in the collective transmutation & awakening process by distributing forgotten ancient knowledge.


To be part of the solution, rather than the problems of the world today. With a keen focus on compassion, patience, love & light.

Welcome, I am Mai Karle

I am a visual designer, branding & symbolism specialist and artist. And I am on a quests to find what has been forgotten and/or hidden about our true purpose on this Earth and in the Great Cosmos. 

I have a profound interest in The Number 9 Code and Sacred Geometry in general. Both professionally in my creative work. As well as on a personal level in regards to my spiritual practice and journey.  

The Motivation Behind

The motivation for creating this page is to share the knowledge I have found during my quest for seeking ancient knowledge and to connect with my true inner self. I continue this quest for deeper understanding and connection – a more profound and meaningful life. A life that promotes healing, love and compassion.
I hope to be part of healing the world – one person at a time – starting with myself. I want to share what has worked for me on my journey of self-discovery. I hope that you will be inspired to find your inner truth and follow your own spiritual path!

However, I encourage everyone to always do their own research. Keep an open mind, stay curious and continue to ask questions about our history, origin and purpose in the Great Cosmos.

This website is part of the Shee Brand which also consists of SheeArt, Shee Visual Design and the SheeArt Redbubble Shop.
On a personal level this page is the umbrella under which my great interests in creativity, Alchemy, ancient traditions and spirituality come together.