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Spiritual Alchemy
A transformational journey of self-development
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The mission of this website is to share valuable knowledge about Spiritual Alchemy and other self development to assist and inspire anyone who has embarked on their personal spiritual journey of awakening.

You can find information about Alchemy, self development, sacred geometry, plant medicines, ritual & ceremonial practices, magic symbols & sigils, ancient traditions, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, pranayama, wellness, natural health, manifestation, creating art & spirituality in general.  

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If you are new to Spiritual Alchemy I would recommend to explore the Alchemy section, where you can learn the basics of the tradition and further your understanding of the philosophy of Alchemy.

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All investigations of life, religion, philosophy and science are futile if they ignore consciousness.

The root and essence of both consciousness and the universe is that everything is connected and ultimately one.

The universe in its awe-inspiring totality produces consciousness, and consciousness evokes the universe. Both are inseparable and paradoxically the same. As above, so below. As within, so without. 

The mind, when emptied of all its hypnosis, begins to replicate the eternal space of the universe, showing that the foundation of consciousness is space.

Yet this should not be misunderstood, nor should it be misinterpreted as nothingness.

The essence of consciousness is not a blank state, as many spiritual seekers believe. On the contrary, while consciousness is exactly like space in emptiness and vastness, it is also like space in that it contains the whole universe.

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